Informal Open Days

We aim to open the garden about eight or nine times a year.  However, a successful open day is clearly very weather dependent!   The planned open days are arranged well in advance, and generally go ahead whatever the weather.  Other, "informal", openings often take place with very short notice.  We will always put the A-board sign outside and indicate the opening on this web page as soon as the decision to open is made.  No charges are made, although a collection box for the NGS, (National Gardens Scheme), may be put out.


Children are welcome in the gardens, but only if supervised at all times by a responsible adult.  The lawns are fine for running and jumping, but regretfully significant damage has been done in the past when parents have let their children run freely through the flower beds and damage garden ornaments!

Whereas the planned charity open days generally have full refreshments, on these informal open days the best we can run to is a cup of tea or coffee!

We regret that no dogs other then guide dogs are admitted to the grounds.

There are toilet facilities in the garden.


Saturday 26th March
The weather looks excellent today.  The garden is by no means at its best, but the annual Spring clean-up has started, and the native English daffodils are looking excellent.  We will open from 10.30am to 3.00pm, with no admission charges.  There is no formal catering today, but the odd cup of tea or coffee will be available without charge.

Sunday 10th April
We will open from 1pm to 5pm.  The weather, according to the BBC weather app., will consist of light clouds and a gentle breeze.  Minimal chance of rain.

The garden is slowly coming on.  The daffodils are still showing well, and we have been able to cut the grass at last.  Again, no formal catering, but maybe that odd cup of tea.  No charges at all today.

Sunday 17th April
We will open from 1pm to 5pm.  The weather is supposed to be quite fair with just a 1% chance of rain.  The daffodils are going over now, but other plants are starting to come on.  The weeping willow is coming out nicely.  No catering but, as usual, a chance of that odd cup of tea.  No charges at all today.

Sunday 28th August
We will open from 1pm to 5pm today.  Chances of rain are low.  There are signs of the early autumn all over the place - but especially of course with the leaf-fall.  Some of the Japanese acers are starting to change into their autumn colours.
No charges at all today, and the usual informal cups of tea etc. free of charge.