Patch of Bluebells.jpg

Some old Photographs

Here are  just a few photos of the garden taken over the years.


A photo of the original Warley House in its derelict state.  Probably around 1960. The house was demolished in 1964.

The old Warley House.jpg

No way in except over the wall!  January 1994

3 March 1994 a.jpg

The Challenge We Faced!

What a mess 1994.jpg

The old fruit and vegetable garden.

3 March 1994 f.jpg

The steps with fallen and, (one), missing pillar


The dead elm and a mass of wild rhododendrons.


Ivy threatening the main boundary wall.


This is now the main entrance drive!


The old kitchen garden in May 1994.

Kitchen Garden copy.jpg

Just a little bit of rubble, note the old fence panels.

rubble1 copy.jpg

Removing remnants of an old wall.

Clearing wall remnants 1996 copy.jpg

Creating the Japanese Garden in 1996 (1).

Planting Standing Stone in Japanese Gard

Creating the Japanese Garden in 1996 (2).


Newly Planted Rhododendrons.